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Claims denial and encounter holds are top concerns for many hospitals across the country.

Do you have insight into why your claims are getting denied or where your encounters are being held? How are you managing these denials and holds? Are you managing them?

Many hospitals have admitted they are not confident in their current claims denial and encounter holds recognition processes and reports.

This is why Softek recently released two new controls in our Panther Patient Accounting suite: a Claims Denial Control and an Encounter Holds Control. Read More...

Let’s set up a demo so I can show you how our new tools can significantly reduce your denial rate and easily show the status of your encounter holds.

Email me some times that work best for your team.


Lindsey Ater

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ROI Healthcare Solutions enjoyed our time as a sponsor at the Becker’s Health IT / Revenue Cycle conference last month. Shortly after the event, our very own Jeff Tennant and Lore Mandozzi conducted a live webinar entitled: Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle, focused on industry pain points and solutions that result in increased bottom line and patient care – clinically-driven revenue cycle.  ​

  • Examine the full spectrum of revenue cycle and how people, processes, and technology all influence the bottom line​
  • Most common challenges across revenue cycle across several areas, such as: regulatory, A/R, high-cost process areas, technology, and skills​
  • Areas of opportunity, based on best practices and decades of experience in healthcare executive, clinical and revenue cycle leadership roles​
  • Introduction to a proven formula to assess and improve processes, net revenue, technology value, and patient care​
  • How to move forward with action

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Did you know the patient matching functionalities embedded in EHR and analytic platforms lack the needed interoperability, scalability and sophisticated algorithms to unify data from external systems? EMPIs are proven to lower duplicate records and costs while boosting clinical efficiencies. Learn more.

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Webinar: Increasing Joy, Purpose and Meaning in Practice»

Register Now

Tuesday, November 19, 12:00-1:00pm Central

Space is limited - reserve your spot today!

Presented by Dr. Christine Sinsky, VP of Professional Satisfaction, American Medical Association

The Quadruple Aim recognizes that a healthy, energize, engaged, and resilient physician workforce is essential to achieving national health goals of higher quality, more affordable care and better health for the populations we serve. To address high levels of burnout, organizational strategies are needed. This presentation provides knowledge and skills that allow physicians and leadership to implement changes that promote joy, purpose and meaning in practice.

Please contact charlie@healthfinch.com for any questions.

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Check out the healthfinch blog for "4 Quick Tips to Achieving Prescription Renewal Protocol Consensus" and other recent articles.

Vedant Health is pleased to announce its new Revenue Cycle Testing Services. Playing a major part of patient safety validation for decades has allowed Vedant Health, and its flagship TestStream product suite, a unique insight into how hospital systems work, and how best to approach testing them.By adding additional functionality to the artificial intelligence-based testing system, TestStream is now able to validate that the appropriate charges are dropped correctly throughout the many hospital systems, such as pharmacy charge credits, laboratory charges, radiology billing, and complete CDM processing within the HIS. This service provides an in-depth charge testing validation, and parallels the TestStream HealthAssure Regression Testing Services (www.vedanthealth.com/healthassure)

Visit our website today: www.vedanthealth.com/news

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Webinar: Introducing Imprivata Web SSO

Tuesday, November 19, 2 PM EST

Imprivata, the healthcare digital identity company, continues to define identity and access management (IAM) for healthcare with web-based single sign-on (SSO), a new cloud-enabling component of Imprivata OneSign that is purpose-built for the healthcare enterprise. With this latest enhancement, healthcare organizations can rely on a trusted partner to deliver seamless access anytime, anywhere, from any device for all end-users. 

Join this webinar to learn more about the newest release of OneSign 7.0.​​​​​​​Then, follow us in the CernerUsers community to stay up to date on Imprivata news by clicking on this link.

Liberty Solutions offers turn-key go-live services to ensure a smooth system launch, helping you avoid surprises and ease worries during critical times.

We can help bring you a team of expert, reliable resources, matched to your exact needs to cover your system-wide workflows. With more than two decades of healthcare IT consulting experience, Liberty offers a number of advantages such as:

  • Comprehensive Services – We provide complete coverage including:
    • Assembling of your go-live team
    • An experienced lead person as one point of contact
    • Logistics including coordinating, scheduling and supervising resources
    • Management of any issues
    • Management reporting
  • Flexibility – We also have the flexibility to work with you according to your desired involvement with as few or as many resources as needed.
  • Fast turnaround – Resources are on-board and on-site quickly, backed by a pool of experienced go-live professionals should the need arise for additions or changes. 
  • Competitive rates – We work efficiently and cost-effectively for your best go-live value.
  • Experience – Since 2002, Liberty Solutions has supported clients of all sizes nationwide.

Contact us today by clicking this link to Let us know if you are interested.

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[Webinar] How to Troubleshoot and Resolve Clinician Workspace Issues Before Patients Are Impacted

Thursday, Nov. 21 |  12:30pm ET


Tired of the constant finger-pointing when trying to find the root cause of clinician workspace or EHR performance issues? Want objective evidence you can share with clinicians, cross-departmental stakeholders and other vendors to prove the root cause faster?

Citrix or VMware Horizon virtual workspace deployments can be complex and adding an EHR application such as EPIC, Cerner, MEDITECH or Allscripts can make routine monitoring even more challenging without the right tools. See how the right solution can help you anticipate, troubleshoot and even prevent clinician workspace issues before they happen!

Join Theresa Miller, Citrix CTP, vExpert and Goliath as we discuss:

  • The importance of robust tools to ensure patient-critical applications are always available to meet the needs of the clinicians
  • Real-world considerations for monitoring EHR environments
  • Best practices to troubleshoot across VDI environments
  • How to take action! 

Can not make it live? No worries, we’ll send you the recording.​​​​​​​

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