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Come see what’s new with Imprivata at HIMSS ’20!

Maximize your Cerner investment and request a meeting with Imprivata.Sign up for your meeting now and you’ll get a $25 AMEX gift card when you come to the booth for your meeting. Act fast so you don’t miss out!

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3 steps to troubleshoot and resolve clinician experience issues

What if you could see all the factors impacting the clinician’s experience at a glance across their Citrix, VMware Horizon and Cerner environments? And single out the root cause in an instant and almost as fast remediate it forever?

It’s possible. See how just 3 steps can help you lock in uptime, application availability and seamless access for your clinicians.

Download this white paper, “Health IT: Troubleshooting Guide to Clinician Experience Issues

and discover the 3 steps that will change your Health IT world for the better!

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Could obsolete drugs be causing your claims denials? 

A strange chain of events showed me how different departments view information. I was recently working with a client and showing them issues they had in their build of Millennium™ PharmNet application. These are some of the normal things reviewed:

  • QCF issues – when converting doses based on the units of measure outlined by CMS, you need to use the Quantity Calculation Factor to convert to the correct measurements (e.g. 1 mg per 1 ml = 1 QCF).

  • HCPCS inconsistencies

  • The use of obsolete National Drug Codes (NDCs)

Let’s set up a demo so I can show you how our new tools can significantly reduce your denial rate and easily show the status of your encounter holds.

Email me, Lindsey Ater, Lindsey.Ater@softekinc.com Softekinc.com some times that work best for your team.

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Centra Health’s John-Paul Jones, MD will join ROI Healthcare Solutions for an insightful webinar called “Physician Burnout: Code RED,” on January 15th, 2020.

Register now at: http://info.roihs.com/physician-burnout-webinar.

Burnout is a symptom, root causes are numerous, this presentation will present framework for treatment.

  • R= Recognize stats, signs and symptoms, adverse effect on patient experience and revenue
  • E=Empower providers to collaborate, engage, validate in the treatment solutions
  • D=Delivery to ensure treatment solutions are effective, measurable and sustainable

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Did you know the patient matching functionalities embedded in EHR and analytic platforms lack the needed interoperability, scalability and sophisticated algorithms to unify data from external systems? EMPIs are proven to lower duplicate records and costs while boosting clinical efficiencies. Learn more.​​​​​​​

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As the year comes to a close, healthfinch would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome to the Cerner Users Community. In just the last three months that we've been a partner, we've offered the community 2 complimentary webinars and several blog articles. Follow healthfinch and subscribe to our blog to stay on top of the latest tips and trends in prescription renewal protocols and clinical workflow optimization.

If you've missed the webinars, the recordings can be accessed here:

Also, check out a few of our recent blog articles:

We wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and are looking forward to a great 2020!

Please contact charlie@healthfinch.com for any questions.

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Check out the healthfinch blog for "4 Quick Tips to Achieving Prescription Renewal Protocol Consensus" and other recent articles.

Vedant Health is pleased to announce its new Revenue Cycle Testing Services.

Playing a major part of patient safety validation for decades has allowed Vedant Health, and its flagship TestStream product suite, a unique insight into how hospital systems work, and how best to approach testing them. By adding additional functionality to the artificial intelligence-based testing system, TestStream is now able to validate that the appropriate charges are dropped correctly throughout the many hospital systems, such as pharmacy charge credits, laboratory charges, radiology billing, and complete CDM processing within the HIS. 

This service provides an in-depth charge testing validation, and parallels the TestStream HealthAssure Regression Testing Services.(www.vedanthealth.com/healthassure)

Visit our website today: www.vedanthealth.com/news

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Liberty Solutions offers turn-key go-live services to ensure a smooth system launch, helping you avoid surprises and ease worries during critical times.

We can help bring you a team of expert, reliable resources, matched to your exact needs to cover your system-wide workflows. With more than two decades of healthcare IT consulting experience, Liberty offers a number of advantages such as:

  • Comprehensive Services – We provide complete coverage including:
    • Assembling of your go-live team
    • An experienced lead person as one point of contact
    • Logistics including coordinating, scheduling and supervising resources
    • Management of any issues
    • Management reporting
  • Flexibility – We also have the flexibility to work with you according to your desired involvement with as few or as many resources as needed.
  • Fast turnaround – Resources are on-board and on-site quickly, backed by a pool of experienced go-live professionals should the need arise for additions or changes. 
  • Competitive rates – We work efficiently and cost-effectively for your best go-live value.
  • Experience – Since 2002, Liberty Solutions has supported clients of all sizes nationwide.

Contact us today by clicking this link to Let us know if you are interested.

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Streamlines Electronic PN Orders at Baycare Health System

BayCare Health System, based in Clearwater, Florida, recently implemented Crossings Healthcare Solutions’ Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Advisor with great success.

Within weeks, the tool helped BayCare solve problems enabled by their prior paper processes. PN provides life-sustaining nutrition for certain patients through an intravenous or intra-arterial line. With this high-alert medication, the ordering process can be complex and lengthy, making it crucial to avoid errors. READ MORE...


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