A lot is happening in the world today with the current state of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.  People social distancing and trying not to spread or catch the virus. People working from home and avoiding crowds.  With all that, our entire team here at WorkOutLoud is praying and hoping for the best outcome for not only the world at large but also our customers and our many users who have become our friends.  We view our relationships as more than just a business transaction. Please be safe out there.

What we are doing right now to help business continue.

We certainly understand that people utilize our platform for not only collaboration and networking, they also use our platform for in-person meetings.  Our business partners sponsor the use of the technology so they can help your business with your needs. A community is an economy that requires the necessary resources and solutions to make that happen.  In our case that is forums and groups to ask questions, surveys to assess understandings, videos and webinars to deliver education and value, and more.

WorkOutLoud’s Integrated Webinar technology

Today we are announcing the general availability of integrated webinar technologies that expand our capabilities beyond face to face meetings and can provide a digital means to communicate and collaborate effectively with your audience.  And it’s free!*

This is a free service that we can deliver to any recognized customer user group.  There is a small fee for business partners. It is available regardless of your current webinar technologies but also integrated with GoToWebinar.

What does this mean for you?

You now have not only a rich set of features for registering your participants, you also have access to the actual digital webinar for up to 100 people at no charge to you*.  (*Larger audiences may require a small fee)

This includes:

  • Having access to webinar technologies at no cost*
  • Integrated registration with full analytics and reporting.
  • Full attendance reporting beyond just registration reporting
  • Available NOW!
  • And more…

So how do you get started?

  1. You will be hearing about a webinar ABOUT the webinar solution from WorkOutLoud in the coming weeks, you will want to make sure you register for that event to get a full demonstration!
  2. If you can’t wait that long, feel free to contact Loring Kaveney at: loring.kaveney@workoutloud.com
  3. If you are a business partner, contact Loring to learn how you can take advantage of this solution.  Some sponsor levels provide this capability at no cost to you.


In the coming weeks we will also be releasing integrations to GoToMeeting and Zoom for both our event technologies and our messaging solutions.  We are very excited to deliver these new solutions to you.

Business must continue.  Our economy requires it. Even though we can’t meet face to face all the time is no reason to stop collaborating and getting business done.  We are here to help.

Contact us today!

You will never look at webinars the same way again.

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