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Fri, February, 23rd 2024


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Is there any way to do a global change in the new system for the Iobans that are now inactive or do we have to go back to all of our previous cards and make this change manually?

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See picture below for example:
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This is the answer I received from our periop team -

Items can only be updated globally on preference cards when they are
active. To remove these items from pref cards, we need to activate them in
MMDBTOOI, perform a global update to remove from cards, then "re-
inactivate" the items once complete.
I also found that there is a global update feature that will work on the standard part of the card.
Good question. Bumping this up to the top of the feed
Hi Eric - thanks for bumping but did you see the response from me above.
Yes I did!  Thank you!

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