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Regional User Groups (RUGs) are client-driven communities by geography that provide knowledge sharing around implementation and use of Oracle Cerner applications, as well as networking opportunities. The RUG community provides a venue to share and learn about enterprise-wide topics such as architect Read more...ure, technology, and new Oracle Cerner initiatives. For more information, please visit Regional User Groups (RUGs) on uCern.

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General Questions
Tue, April, 9th 2024

[WATCH VIDEO] Implementing Spanish-Language Dynamic Documentation for Nursing Workflow Discharge Patient Instructions, by Hit That Noggin

Review the process implemented at a leading academic medical center to introduce a Spanish-language Discharge Patient Instructions DynDoc template for their Pediatric patient population.

We will focus on the following:

- Configuration of the Nursing Discharge Workflow mPage
- Technical design for creation of a  Read more...Spanish-language DynDoc template
- Maintenance strategies for the integration of Cerner’s Spanish EMR content into a standard English DynDoc manifest
- Implementation of this new documentation into existing nursing workflows

Hunter Dryden, Lead Consultant – hit that noggin
Hatim Barma, Founder & Executive Consultant – hit that noggin Show less...
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Fri, February, 23rd 2024


Forum Question/Topic:


Is there any way to do a global change in the new system for the Iobans that are now inactive or do we have to go back to all of our previous cards and make this change manually?

Categorized as:

See picture below for example:
Global Change
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This is the answer I received from our periop team -

Items can only be updated globally on preference cards when they are
active. To remove these items from pref cards, we need to activate them in
MMDBTOOI, perform a global update to remove from cards, then "re-
inactivate" the items once complete.
I also found that there is a global update feature that will work on the standard part of the card.
Good question. Bumping this up to the top of the feed
Hi Eric - thanks for bumping but did you see the response from me above.
Yes I did!  Thank you!

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Fri, January, 19th 2024

Happy New Year SeRUG community! 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am Becky Theobald, SeRUG President.  I am located in Thomasville, GA and work at Archbold Medical Center.  We are long standing Siemens/Cerner/Now Oracle Health clients.  We are currently a Soarian Clinicals/Soarian Financials shop but will be going live May this year with Millennium Registration, Scheduling, & Clinicals and keeping Soarian Financials as our patient accounting  Read more...solution.  It’s been a wild ride so far and I’m looking forward to our go live! 

I am excited about my new role with SeRUG and how we can best grow the community.  We received feedback from the WorkOutLoud survey and the SeRUG BOD has been planning our next move, including:

**Webinar Schedule – we are working with partners to develop our 2024 webinar schedule around the survey feedback to bring meaningful content to you, keep your eyes open for more communication! 

**Spring Business Meeting – working to schedule this in March, a great opportunity to learn about SeRUG and how you can get involved

**Community – Our focus this year will be on growing the community and making sure we have the right audience 

So let’s start the New Year’s resolutions ... what’s on your radar for 2024?  New implementations, upgrades? 

Becky Theobald
Assistant Director – Financial Systems
Information Services
Archbold Medical Center Show less...
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This is very exciting news! Congrats Becky Theobald, as the NEW SeRUG President! I am looking forward to working with you and your team!
Tue, October, 17th 2023

In case you missed it!
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Thu, September, 28th 2023

You could win a $150 Amazon Gift Card!
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Thu, July, 20th 2023

For Cerner shops *only*, we are offering our scheduling reporting/analytics dashboard for *free* for anyone who signs up before Labor Day.

This is perfect for organizations who want to drive improvements in scheduling and efficiency (no-show rate, utilization rate, cancellation rate, etc).

Ask about it at!
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Mon, June, 19th 2023

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Mon, March, 20th 2023

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Fri, January, 27th 2023

Registration is now open for the 2023 SeRUG Conference which will be held at the beautiful Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at Seaworld on May 9-12, 2023. Orlando has over 100 amazing attractions. Explore to learn more. Register now to take advantage of special early bird pricing!

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Mon, January, 16th 2023

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Shirley has uploaded files to: Southeast Regional User Group (SeRUG)

See these files and others at:
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Shirley has uploaded files to: Southeast Regional User Group (SeRUG)

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Shirley has uploaded files to: Southeast Regional User Group (SeRUG)

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Thu, January, 5th 2023

Calvient will be hosting a live Webinar on January 24th to engage the Cerner community on how Calvient can help your organization slash it's no-show rate leading to higher patient satisfaction and saving your organization money.

Sign Up Here:
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Thu, December, 15th 2022

Hello all, I wanted to see if anyone here has had success with filtering of scheduled work lists by appointment status? We have a few clinics with very high volume and the work lists become unmanageable! Please review and like our idea so Cerner will prioritize getting this enhancement done! Read more... Show less...
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Tue, December, 6th 2022

Limiting unnecessary tests:
I am new to Cerner and work in the laboratory. We are attempting to develop a method to limit unnecessary test orders by providers. 1) The GenLab ‘delta day limit’ unfortunately if implemented does NOT allow an override. So in a rare instance where a test should be ordered you cannot override that function. 2) For test requests that would need a review by a pathologist the Cerner associate ‘solution’ is to have a general ‘text’ order where the  Read more...ordering provider would have to enter a test name as a manual order and then the laboratory, would if OK, order the ‘real test’ The real test would not be virtually viewed in the order catalog. The laboratory in that case needs to figure out what the provider typed in as a test name. NEITHER of these solutions seem to be viable on a large scale therefore do others have better solutions/ideas?
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