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Fri, March, 15th 2019


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Hoping for some insight on how to manage this challenge. We service Heart Failure patients locally, but also in the outlying rural communities we serve. We utilize TeleHealth in many cases to provide care to patients that are in our outlying areas, in some cases, over two hours away. This is typically after they have been diagnosed with Heart Failure and discharged from the primary care facility.
Note that my Cerner knowledge is limited. Here is my question.
Is there a way or  Read more...means within Cerner to alert schedulers or Providers that a patient who was discharged with HF, is eligible for a TeleHealth (Virtual) visit given where they live?
That is say, based on zip code and the diagnosis, can the Cerner system in some way alert or notify or flag a patient that would be a great candidate for a Telehealth visit?

The goal being to reduce Readmissions from these outlying areas (2+ hours) where because the patients are generally older and more frail, cancellations and no-shows cause the readmission rate to increase. We are working to address this challenge.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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There is a TeleHealth strategy teleconference on March 21 that may help you out. Here's the link to register.