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Thu, February, 16th 2023


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Incorrect calculations in Pathnet

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Calculator drop a '>' or '
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The equation should FAIL but the calculator in Pathnet drops the '' and performs a calculation. As an example two values to be divided >10 and 2, The result should FAIL but the Pathnet calculator gives a result of '2' which is TOTALLY MISLEADING. What is your workaround?
What code level is your organization on?
most recent, I am with Veterans administration still doing build and deploying. Cerner contract states we will have the most current code build
2018.11 is base for PROD. B1930 is up to 2018.13.02.
I checked with our PathNet team and this issue is not occurring for us but we're on base code 2018.12. I suggest logging a service request with Oracle Cerner for assistance. Sorry I could not be of more help.
We have already, CRICKETS!!!