The steady stream of merger and acquisition announcements in the lab/hospital space seems poised to continue through 2022 (at least.) 

Fortunately, the proliferation of these events has helped our team generate some helpful perspectives around some steps lab directors and LIS managers can take—to minimize the disruption to their essential functions while making sure their needs are accounted for within a tremendously complex process.  

  • Step One:Make sure your concerns are raised—at the right level 
  • Step Two:Be proactive and specific 
  • Step Three:Speak the language of M&A stakeholders 
  • Step Four: Foster a spirit of cooperation 

Addressing these key issues early can mean the difference between a smooth transition—or a disruptive and adversarial one.   

At S&P Consultants, we understand that living through a merger can be very difficult—especially for IT, LIS, and Lab leaders.  

If you're lucky, this will be a once-in-a-career experience for you, which provides even more reason to seek any needed assistance from people who do this day-in and day-out. S&P is happy to provide advice regarding best practices and approaches that have proven successful in the past.  

Oftentimes, in a merger or acquisition, the personalities around the table respond better to evidence-based data, which can be hard to produce if this is your first experience.  That's where a third party like S&P can bolster your initiatives with strategies (and cautionary tales) from a long history of engagements.   

Preserving the functioning and integrity of your lab and LIS infrastructure in the face of a merger is a matter of effective communication and responsible advocacy.  If you approach the prospect in good faith—ready to help decision-makers reach smart conclusions—you can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth transaction and help the new entity launch with a maximum chance of success.