Whether an organization is updating their current electronic health record (EHR) or moving from paper records for the first time, diligent data management is paramount, especially given just how many data points that organization will now soon have. Data for data’s sake won’t cut it, though. Unless their data infrastructure has been designed for actual use by and for actual clinicians, all the digitization in the world won’t make the system suddenly helpful. Rather, careful consideration needs to be given to who the data are for, how they will be used, and if it ultimately is helping or hurting the clinician burnout crisis.

On today’s episode of Making Rounds, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, sits down with Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Head of EHR Implementation Services Andy Splitz. They discuss the hard work of EHR implementation, the global landscape where organizations are only starting to move to digitization, and how imperative it is that data management is done well and with real end-users in mind.

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