Robotic process automation (RPA) has been around for quite a while, but now, amidst growing economic pressures, its adoption in healthcare is starting to heat up. RPA solutions have been showing a strong ROI and cost reduction for providers recently, and there are now many more providers who want to know which vendors can help them access these benefits. In KLAS’ new report, we take a look at a vendor that has been garnering high marks and attracting a lot of attention in this market: Colburn Hill Group.

Colburn Hill Group is showing that they are a legitimate player in the RPA space, and a lot of the providers that work with them are seeing impressive results and ROI. As KLAS’ Colburn Hill Group eTech Spotlight report shows, they are a reputable vendor that is building momentum and that will be very hard to slow down.

What’s in a Vendor?

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is fairly complex, with lots of individual pieces and workflows that must come together for successful claim payment. In general, it is not always intuitive or easy to work through. When providers implement new technology into their RCM workflows, they look for vendors who can align really good technology with existing workflows. Colburn Hill Group is showing themselves to be one of those vendors; their extensive RCM experience and understanding allows them to seamlessly marry their technology into providers’ workflows.

Part of how Colburn Hill Group does this has to do with their very hands-on approach to their work. Their customers tell us that they are very good at moving things to the finish line and ceaselessly driving outcomes. Colburn Hill Group has very high marks across their support and executive involvement categories; providers say that this vendor makes sure that there are successful outcomes well after the engagement is over.

Colburn Hill Group also sets themselves apart in the area of scalability. A majority of interviewed providers say that Colburn Hill Group’s solution was easily scalable to their organizations. Such scalability is not seen with such consistency in the RCM market. That success is largely in part to the vendor’s ability to manage expectations and communicate with the organizations that they are working with. Colburn Hill Group’s dedication to figuring out solutions has instilled a lot of confidence in their customer base.

In Summary

In the high-energy RPA market, it is clear that Colburn Hill Group is performing well. Their strong RCM knowledge coupled with a strong technology offering has positioned Colburn Hill Group to solve many provider requests for automation for current and future needs. Check out the report on Colburn Hill Group here, and be sure to look for further KLAS reports in the RPA market.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, ImLucky