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  • eTech Insight – The Transformation of Primary Care and the Digital Technology Catalyst
    COVID-19 Exposes Gaps in Primary Care Systems The US healthcare system is one of the highest-cost environments in the world. But the high cost does...
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  • eTech Insight – In-Home Care - Complementing Remote Patient Monitoring
    Supporting the Last Mile of Patient Focused Care Some chronically ill patients may not have the ability or resources to trek to an urgent care cent...
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  • eTech Insights – Adaptive eLearning to Support Telehealth Services
    The Problem: Managing a Learning and Training Environment for Fast Paced Telehealth Provider organizations have been using eLearning environments f...
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  • eTech Insights – Smart Home Assistant Products Emerge as Consumer Healthcare Managers
    The Problem: Looking for Healthcare Support in Many Places Consumers looking for healthcare information and guidance generally have to access sever...
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  • eTech Insights – Digital Application Collaboration Drives Plug and Play
    The Problem: Legacy Architectures and Proprietary Data Sets Can Impede Innovation Those of us who have been in the healthcare IT business for sever...
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  • eTech Insights – The Digital IT Impact for Virtual Healthcare Delivery Post-COVID-19
    The Problem: COVID-19 Demonstrates Care Delivery Gaps in Current Model COVID-19 as a threat to the US population has demonstrated clear weaknesses ...
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