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Thu, August, 3rd 2023


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We all have questions about AI / ChatGPT! What are your biggest questions?

I have heard a ton of folks chattering about AI and ChatGPT in healthcare. What are the biggest questions and concerns you'd like to discuss?
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For anyone wanting a private consultation on this topic, we're happy to give one. Email! But let's have a public discussion on this! I know you're thinking about it 😄.
It definitely has possibilities but some caveats. You would need a firewall protected version of ChatGPT. I believe Mayo has one and is working on it. Would be great to see how it handles BIG DATA to investigate associations related to disease/outcome. Also to look at care pathways for ways to increase efficiency and DECREASE error.
@PhilipFoulis what you're describing is fairly trivial now!

Llama2 can be deployed internally -

Or if you have a BAA to Azure you can use the OpenAI wrapper - Read more... Show less...