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Luma's Patient Success Platform™ is deeply integrated with Oracle for SMS scheduling, rescheduling, and waitlist; automated outreach; mobile patient intake; web chatbot; phone call deflection to actionable SMS; and much more.

Luma was founded on the idea that healthcare should work better for a Read more...ll patients. Instead of a disconnected experience, where patients are forced to be their own healthcare advocates and provider teams struggle to reach their patients, every point along the care journey should be simple, seamless, and effective.

Luma's Patient Success Platform™ empowers patients and providers to be successful by connecting and orchestrating all the steps in the patient journey, along with all the operational workflows and processes in the healthcare ecosystem. Headquartered in San Francisco, Luma serves more than 600 health systems, integrated delivery networks, federally qualified health centers, specialty networks, and clinics across the United States, and today orchestrates the care journeys of more than 35 million patients.

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Patient Intake

[WATCH THE WEBINAR] In a conversation with Seattle Children's and BJC Healthcare, Luma's co-founder and CTO Aditya Bansod discusses strategies for creating great patient engagement without continuing to expand your technology stack. See more:
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Fri, July, 12th 2024

Did you know? Patients are 3x more likely to schedule a referral when a reminder message includes the referring provider's name.

Insights like these are derived from our analysis of 700 million patient data points. Take a look at the report:
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Wed, July, 3rd 2024

Is your digital front door turning into one of these:

🕳️ Trap door: It bring patients in, then let them fall through the floor, resulting in patient frustration and need for additional, resource-consuming follow-up.

🚪 Side door: When patients try to get in touch differently than the organization prefers, creating uncontrolled costs, overworked staff, and a fragmented patient experience.

✨Rusted door: When getting through the digital front  Read more...door is too difficult for patients, resulting in low adoption and a complicated scheduling process.

Here are 3 steps to analyze your digital front door experience, identify the areas for improvement, and move forward towards greater patient success:

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Mon, July, 1st 2024

[Watch the video] We weren't able to communicate with patients in a format they wanted, which is largely text-based, said Renee McKibben, RN, MSN, Operations Director at Maury Regional Health. Now, with integration into Oracle, MRH's patient communication is text-first and their no-shows have dropped significantly.

Learn how: Read more...  Show less...
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Thu, June, 20th 2024

Did you know? 96% of your peers that we surveyed don't have online scheduling, and some even ask patients to fax before getting care.

Learn more about the data and how you might be leading the pack:
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Fri, June, 7th 2024

[Watch The Video] SJ Health couldn't find self-scheduling that integrated with Oracle Health the way they needed. But now, We're seeing more patients, we don't need to hire more people to handle the volume, and we're delivering a consumer-level experience. 😍 See how they do it:
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Fri, May, 31st 2024

OrthoNebraska is an innovator in orthopedic care, but accessing that care was challenging for patients. And patient self-service wasn't an option if it required overhead from staff.

Now, with Oracle + Luma integration, OrthoNebraska patients self-schedule directly into Oracle. Even with the complex factors that go into specialty scheduling, “we were able to trust that the technical build itself would direct patients to the right provider," said Nikki Green, senior manager of  Read more...patient access.

Read more about how OrthoNebraska does it: Show less...
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Fri, May, 24th 2024

[Watch the video] What we really needed was something to unify the experience.

Banner Health, an integrated delivery system spanning the Southwest, uses Oracle and Luma together to make their patient experience even better. 💪 See how they do it:
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Wed, May, 15th 2024

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